Special event: Engage your Audience

“Engage your Audience 2019” is an opportunity for early career microbiologists, PhD students and Post-docs, as well as supervisors to develop and showcase their skills as science communicators. This Round Robin event will provide an opportunity for microbiologists to bring their science communication activity to a conference and showcase it to peers and colleagues.

Time and place: 10 July 13.00-14.30 in the “Alsh” room

This event will:

  • inspire others to develop their own activities
  • provide feedback and constructive sessions for how activities could be adapted or honed
  • give an opportunity to try out an activity in a supportive, constructive environment
  • allow participants to develop or highlight their science communications skills


Round Robin Format

In this Round Robin event, each participant will be asked to demonstrate their activity as part of an hour-long event. Each activity should last for five minutes and participants should be prepared to demonstrate their event or activity to 8 different small group of peers and colleagues who will circulate around all 8 different activities. There will be 8 participants providing the activities, who can state what they would like to obtain from the audience. It may be feedback on a brand-new activity that they would like to trial? Or perhaps it might simply be feedback on which part of the activity or event they enjoyed the most. Participants are invited to bring their own feedback forms to this event. 

Register for FEMS2019 and the 'Engage your audience' round robin here.