From specialist groups in emerging topics to advocacy groups promoting public policy, communities are at the basis of developments in microbiology. We are dedicated to help develop communities and to tear down whatever boundaries limit them. Whether you are a community-minded expert who leads our core projects or you are an early career scientist looking for new skills to help develop your career, you can build on your community at FEMS 2019. 

We have invited experts from all fields to come to host meet & greets, book signings and conversations about topics that matter to these communities.

See our programme of community corner conversations here.

Why communities?

In microbiology, communities are stronger than individual organisms. But also on a macro level, communities are special. They are target-driven, based on a common goal, connecting people without boundaries or hierarchy. They are diverse and flexible, ready for challenges ahead. At FEMS 2019 all microbiology disciplines meet. We believe basic science and applied science are tied and we need both to have a positive impact on the societal challenges of today and tomorrow. This is the strength of our congress: our diversity and connectivity.

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The teacher that nudged you to study life sciences, the pioneer that saved many lives - we are surrounded by so many unsung heroes. Let's give these heroes a big stage and tell their stories - so that we may inspire many more.

See the Microbiology Heroes Hall of Fame here.